Wednesday, November 13, 2019

My Husband is Bringing in An Asian Lady as His 3rd Wife

I was officially informed about the inclusion to our family a special night with my husband. The breaking of the news to me was kinda surprising and I was worried. I couldn't explain better as to how the feeling was but I had to trust the King.

The Asian lady visited and she had a good aura around her. She's young and very beautiful and seem to be very business inclined. I was told she is going to handle all the family business and assist my husband with his administration work. 

She will be staying in one of the families properties and work closely with my husband.

I do not personally have any issue about her but my concern is that I find her a bit possessive and she's a vegetarian too. There may be complications where she may influence what the family even cook especially for Sabbath.

Mary and Her went out the other night without me and that was hard for me because i was not told or invited to join. Mary asked me to do her makeup, then she told me she had dinner booked especially with 3rd wife. She was excited so I felt like I was not a part of them.  I do appreciate the love and care from my husband during times like these but it's more likely they gonna click more than me. And as a woman,I definitely don't want to be left out. My King Kofi said it doesn't matter if the two click without me he will give me all the love I need so he made an arrangement for me in a very nice hotel with a jaccuzzi and he bought a dress and shoes for the night I felt special.

I respect my husband's decisions including  reasons to bring in a 3rd wife but I don't see no reason to go out with her after I was left in the house that day. Definitely I wouldn't want to go out with her as I've told my husband. I need my own space time and the King said he understands my position. 

I have never lacked affection or care or any other...  he makes me happy outside and in close doors. Yes he's got so much love to give and he's a wise man. I support him with all my heart.

Though it's a bit freighting, I trust the decision of my husband since he's been able to give me all the love ever since I joined the family.

 I had problems after the night out with Mary but 3rd Wife said to me just do what ever she tells you because she is our Queen and has allowed us to share her husband so respect that. 3rd wife said I should stop disrespecting the hierarchy of wives so I feel she is controlling, but she is still a nice lady I dont hold grudges. I have not disrespected Mary I told my husband that 3rd said i have no respect of Mary and he said I should just approch her and iron all the problmes out. 

I spoke to Mary because she said I am distant to her, and we sat down but I told her I always respect her and have no issues with her, I have the love and care from everyone even the kids so I am grateful i have not been mistreated and shes still my mistress, but i was tearful. She told me to write things down how i'm feeling its therapy and good for me and still update the blog. She said writing is healing which is fine by me but I also need my own time to get used to everything and I am removing the pictures on this blog I dont want people knowing too much about my image and status, i appreciate Mary's advice but will stil update in my own time  

Long live the King

I am Shulamite that ismy pride

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