Sunday, December 22, 2019

Hagar is gone, My Pregnancy Journey Part 1

I was kinda sad seeing Hagar leaving us. I had a chat two days before my king told her to leave the family for good. As painful as it came out to be, I think the separation was needed.
She told me that she's felt broken ever since she made a decision to become the 3rd wife to the King. I tried to understand what she means by the word 'broken' as I felt I needed to understand her state of mind in our home.

She says after giving her heart to the king Kofi, there are a lot of things shes compromised for the family. She always believed her Prince Charming is somewhere waiting for him and thought he would be a Bollywood star. Kofi has so far connected to he the way she has never felt and has led her to totally compromised on everything she's ever believed in. 

Hagar said she doesn't believe in animal cruelty and shes is a vegetarian. After joining the family, she finds herself buying food which has meat in them. It's been hard for her to tell the king that she wouldn't be able to do that again as it goes it affects her psychologically every time. She loves the King so much that she doesn't want to say no to him. I felt a bit sorry for her and I advised Hagar to find the best moment to explain her situation to the king and he is a good man to understand.

Hagar had to leave her religion and believe to follow the God of King Kofi. She explained the two believes clashes with whatever she has believed in from childhood. God of Isreal teachings are against Reincarnation, the concept of creation is different and now she doesn't know what to believe or not. She is very confused with her religion and believes. I could understand where she was coming from as the teachings of the God of Isreal is certainly not what the Asians believe in. Poor Hagar...

Hagar also felt very jealous after I told her I am carrying the next child of the king. She couldn't hide it and she became quite hostile to me. I became afraid of what she could do to me since we have been eating her food and sometimes I am left with her in the house alone with the children when King and Sister Mary goes out. I didn't feel safe with her. She answers my questions rudely and I can't stand her level of hatred towards me. It's better she is sent away as I want to enjoy my first pregnancy.

Hagar says she has no regret having to give her virginity to the king and not getting her house.
She was happy to stay but somehow I felt she wanted the king to herself making every reason a business. They will be on the road almost all day and wanting more tie to be discussing 'business'. So I told myself if her virginity issue isn't a bother to her and she says she enjoyed every moment of it, why should I feel for her then.

I am happy Haggar has been sent away by the king. I can see my sister Mary much happier too. 

 It is my birthday on Christmas eve I wanted a celebration but the king told me it will be a quiet birthday because I should take things slow 

Merry Christmas and Happy new year. I am thinking of releasing one of my pictures in my Christmas costumes. What do you think?

I am Shulamite and that is my pride 

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Am I carrying the next child for the King of the North

I sat beside him, stroke his head and told him in Twi, I think I am carrying your child. He asked me again, are you sure sweetheart. I said I think so, and he made me remove his phones which was charging beside him and said take off your nighti let me feel the heartbeat of my child it was freezing but I said ok. I joined him and Mary in bed.

I felt so warm in his arms and his breath and smile reassured me that I am home again. 

I was not at Kings feet during his birthday. I was meant to do his favourite dish Kenkey with Tilapia and Jollof rice for the family. I had bought all the ingredients and suddenly I had a call to go to London. 

I was very sad leaving the house but I had to go to London because it was an emergency. 

Leaving the house felt like I'm going away and the children were crying. I knew Chaka will be missing me a lot but I had to leave. 

My time in London wasn't all pleasant as part of me was waiting for the second to go back home. 

I planned returning on the same day of the birthday evening but I couldn't make it. I was held up in London. I face timed the family and seemed they had fun.

When I returned back home, my husband wasn't happy I could feel it. When he is like that, I've learnt to give him space so he recovers but it can be painful to just be waiting especially because i had the big news to break to him.

I apologized several times and he was just saying it's fine and he will speak to me later.

I spoke to Mary my mistress I wanted a chance to speak to the King about my newly found change with my body.He chose not to come to my room so I had to go to his with Mary.

I knocked and sat beside him. He said stand up let me see your stomach he looked happy wth the news. He said don't be cold come in bed I want to feel my child. 

Mary said she already has names and she always wanted 7 children. I am happy to give a little brother or sister to Chaka and that Mary and the king are happy with me carrying the child.

to be continued
I am Shulamite and that is my pride

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Why The King Chose The Three Most Powerful Women On Earth For Wives

It was a special Sabbath with all the family away from home. I had time to reflect on my journey in the Royal household and so far, it has been part of my precious memories. I have the chance to do what I love and be with the man I truly love. The King has brought out the best in me and I feel so special around him. It is a delight to see my sister Mary and Nakai love my presence and my beauty is adored by the King. After Sabbath Mary sent me a picture of the three queens of King Kofi and it was beautiful because it looked exactly like us. Mary is always a good creative.

Sabbath was really my day because my husband told me to take a walk with him so I took Charo and Chaka with me. I couldn't find my winter jacket so Mary gave me hers. Bless her...
We walked together and went to sit inside an old Cathedral. The King started singing for me one of my favourite songs by Boys to Men-Till the end of the road. It was such an amazing moment as Charo was clinging to her dad too. I just love this man. The true King of the Black Monarchy.

We sat together to have a chat and I asked him one question I have been thinking of..."Why have you married 3 women"? Then I showed him the picture of all three of us Mary had compiled.

He gave me the reason it was deep but I took it in every word. And his reason made me love him the more and gave me a clearer understanding of the time we are leaving.

This is what he has to say...

As the rebuild of Isreal is ongoing and the Black Monarchy is being instated, the King could only enlarge his territories with what he calls "The 3 Most Powerful Women On Earth."

Mary The Queen for Ophir, the descendant of the queen of Sheba. Queen of Sheba brought all the worth of Ophir to the forefathers of my King Kofi. King Solomon had all the gold and worth from Zimbabwe and that changed history forever.

King Kofi tells me that he can't build the nation again without Mary his Queen in whom he is well-pleased. Mary has lived by her promise and she will always have a special place in his life. Without Mary, he wouldn't be where he is and will cherish her forever.

He said I am an Israelite lady. Pure and beautiful. I am from the gateway to Africa(Ghana). The King chose me to be a maiden to Mary and also to serve him to rebuild the Black Monarchy. He explained to me why after conquering of Ghana, all black race went into captivity. He mentioned that the British captured the Israelites to build their country. "The true Royal blood has always been from Ghana hence that's why Commonwealth is still stronger today. He told me I am very special for the rebuild of the Black Monarchy. It was really an insightful moment for me. His wisdom reminds me of the greatest king who was lived.

And Hagar the Asian queen. As from the descendant of Ishmael, a nation blessed by the God of Isreal to have all riches after they were cast out, the King believes that they need to return back the worth which belongs to him and grandpa Isaac. All riches of today is in the hands of the Asians, I need to marry the queen of Asia to reclaim back the pride of Isreal

The 400 years Captivity is over and the queens from these mighty nations are happily helping the King rebuild and reclaim back the pride of his heritage.

I and my house serve one true King.

I am Shulamite this is my pride

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

My Husband is Bringing in An Asian Lady as His 3rd Wife

I was officially informed about the inclusion to our family a special night with my husband. The breaking of the news to me was kinda surprising and I was worried. I couldn't explain better as to how the feeling was but I had to trust the King.

The Asian lady visited and she had a good aura around her. She's young and very beautiful and seem to be very business inclined. I was told she is going to handle all the family business and assist my husband with his administration work. 

She will be staying in one of the families properties and work closely with my husband.

I do not personally have any issue about her but my concern is that I find her a bit possessive and she's a vegetarian too. There may be complications where she may influence what the family even cook especially for Sabbath.

Mary and Her went out the other night without me and that was hard for me because i was not told or invited to join. Mary asked me to do her makeup, then she told me she had dinner booked especially with 3rd wife. She was excited so I felt like I was not a part of them.  I do appreciate the love and care from my husband during times like these but it's more likely they gonna click more than me. And as a woman,I definitely don't want to be left out. My King Kofi said it doesn't matter if the two click without me he will give me all the love I need so he made an arrangement for me in a very nice hotel with a jaccuzzi and he bought a dress and shoes for the night I felt special.

I respect my husband's decisions including  reasons to bring in a 3rd wife but I don't see no reason to go out with her after I was left in the house that day. Definitely I wouldn't want to go out with her as I've told my husband. I need my own space time and the King said he understands my position. 

I have never lacked affection or care or any other...  he makes me happy outside and in close doors. Yes he's got so much love to give and he's a wise man. I support him with all my heart.

Though it's a bit freighting, I trust the decision of my husband since he's been able to give me all the love ever since I joined the family.

 I had problems after the night out with Mary but 3rd Wife said to me just do what ever she tells you because she is our Queen and has allowed us to share her husband so respect that. 3rd wife said I should stop disrespecting the hierarchy of wives so I feel she is controlling, but she is still a nice lady I dont hold grudges. I have not disrespected Mary I told my husband that 3rd said i have no respect of Mary and he said I should just approch her and iron all the problmes out. 

I spoke to Mary because she said I am distant to her, and we sat down but I told her I always respect her and have no issues with her, I have the love and care from everyone even the kids so I am grateful i have not been mistreated and shes still my mistress, but i was tearful. She told me to write things down how i'm feeling its therapy and good for me and still update the blog. She said writing is healing which is fine by me but I also need my own time to get used to everything and I am removing the pictures on this blog I dont want people knowing too much about my image and status, i appreciate Mary's advice but will stil update in my own time  

Long live the King

I am Shulamite that ismy pride

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

My First Night With The King

I have been warmly welcomed to the royal household. I have enjoyed getting to spend time with all the children getting to know their names and what they love to do. The children are all very polite and well behaved. I was asked by Mary what I like to eat and we cooked together.For the first time it felt awkward having a realization that this is really happening.

My phone was off and my charger was not working, so when I told Mary she agreed to go to the shops and get me a new one. I was left in the kitchen doing the cooking and King Kofi joined me. It felt beautiful at the same time wierd. He hugged me and kissed my cheeks and told me this was my home so I should feel at home. I was shown my room and it was very warmly.

I went to take a shower, dinner was served.

This was the best part of the night my new family had composed a welcoming song for me. Nakai has the most beautiful voice and the boys singing in their operatic voice just like their dad. My heart was overjoyed and I fell really special.

We watched the TV with the older kids whiles Kofi was in the room. later Kofi put the young kids to bed so I did not see him all evening. Mary gave me a blanket and said I should relax and feel at home and pulled out the sofa bed and we sat together. When it was quite late and the older children had gone to bed, she gave me some nice white chocolate  she said she hide from the kids she said its her favorite to eat when the children are in bed she treats herself and watch coronation street. We watch Coronation street and Mary went to bed to join Kofi.  I felt awkward but I knew this is what I chose.  I decided to watch a movie. I fell asleep because I was so tired. Around 3am I heard footsteps to the lounge and it was my King. He held my hand lifted me up hugged me so tight and kissed me. He walked me to my bedroom and I shut the door.

It was a night to remember.

I am Shulamite and its my pride.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

How I Met My Husband Part 2

It was Tuesday, I kept checking my phone for his ring. The day went by without a call or a message from him. I texted him in the evening and it took a while for him to check his whatsapp messages so I called him. My King Kofi Nino picked my call and said to me that he couldn't talk where he is and will call me back after a while.

He called me and started apologizing for the incident of the kiss in the park. I said to him that he had a beautiful family and good luck with everything but it wasn't necessary for the incident in the park.

I had given him my Barclays Bank account as he needed it to open his online shops since he had arrived in the UK and not through with his stay permit.

I felt very disappointed with everything which had happened because I hoped that maybe he is the one I was going to settle with. I almost requested my bank card back from him but something held me back.

My King Kofi sent me the song 'Imagine' by  John Lenon to listen to it. It sounded like he wanted something more than friendship but in my mind I knew he was already gone. I told him I can never be his side lady.

'Does your wife knows that you are using my details for your online business?' I asked him and his response was yes.

I asked him does she knows you kissed me, and he said stop asking me about my wife and family so I said, 'She is pretty enjoy your life.'

I lived my life and didn't hear from him unless he wanted me to do something with my card so he withdraws money from his online etsy shop or he wanted me to list things on his shop. I opened paypal for him. I got angry that he was using me for business, I checked online he was always enjoying life with his wife.

He sends me the selfie I took the day he took me to the park for a walk, when I looked at the selfie I never stopped thinking about Kofi.  Sometimes he borrowed money like £300 and said will pay you back, but he didn't pay it. I felt used but I kept letting him use my cards and sending him money, deep inside was doing everything just to make him happy. I even sent the money to his wives account, he said he needed it to top up for legal fees.Then I saw him living the life in hotels and got angry but I held back.

He asked me to come to BBE awards and I offered to cater for the event but he said just come and support. I saw Mary in person and I said to myself she is more beautiful in real life and a nice person.

Years later I read about him looking for a second wife so I send him a text to say I may consider it. He replied and I sent my money to be considered, then he inviteed me to his house to meet Mary Tamar. I was nervous but she was very nice and when I saw her, I fell to my knees it was a special moment. I said let me serve you because she looks like a Queen.

I was working long hours and lonely, but now I am working for my mistress and husband and my life is a lot better because I have a husband.

I have a Diploma in catering and hospitality, I used to work in hotels so its something I enjoy.  I dont feel like a slave or anything I am just doing my job but now I have a husband the man I love. Mary has 6 kids and wants to do other things in life so I offered my work to her. King Kofi was very happy with the arrangement, so that's how everything started. We had our families meet and they accepted our union because we are of the same tribe but my other relatives are not happy that I chose this lifestyle.

There are challenges, I have to adjust some things. King Kofi doesn't like wigs but I like wigs, but slowly am getting used to the idea of my natural hair.

In the end my happiness matters much to me. I lost a love one back in the day due to pressure from my family, why will I repeat this mistake again? If I cook and work with the concierge department for the hotels I worked for and get paid per hour, why cant I serve Mary Tamar and enjoy the king the grace of my king. The King's love is better than wine.       

I am Shulamite and its my pride.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Friday, October 25, 2019

How I Met My Husband, Part 1

I was given my new name the moment I stepped foot in the household I've ever dream of. It wasn't an easy decision to make. I lost some friends and relations but that never discouraged me. My happiness meant a lot to me rather than living in someone else shadows. It was time to be known as the Shulamite.

Growing up, I lived my life in pretense and self-denial. I had to live the families dreams and uphold its values and morality. I was told which subject I should read to make me successful even though I hated it. I was meant to uphold a culture I never understood and when I asked many questions, I was told to just follow.

When it comes to love, I first felt in Love on my second day at University. When my parents heard about it, I was told I am not allowed to be with a boy from that tribe in Ghana. But I was really in love with him. I was punished anytime I'm seen with him. My own home became toxic to live because of my love choice. In the end, the relationship broke down. We finished university and I was hoping I would be back with my first love but he felt in love with someone else. He got married and as painful it sounded, I was invited to his wedding. I was even booked to be the caterer for the event. As I was serving his guests, my heart kept aching. There was pain throughout the ceremony. Yes, it should have been me in the beautiful gown saying I do.

I moved to the UK, got my stay permit and as usual, go to work each morning and return in the evening. It is a cold country, stressful and very hard when you live alone. There is no life in the UK and easily get depressed if one doesn't have a social life with friends and love ones. I kept moving Churches and jobs to find companion until one day I saw my King Kofi Nino has come to the UK for his tour.

King Kofi wrote to me on Facebook to invite me to his concert in Dunstable Luton. I was very excited to hear from him as he was my friend from University. He was very cool to be around with and every moment with him back in Uni was very special. I was excited about the invitation but I was living in Sheffield hence the distance was not favourable. I couldn't meet him during his stay. The year after, he returned to the UK for his events which I planned to see him in London but still couldn't see him.

On his 3rd visit to the UK, I had to meet him, I decided because I had moved to Northampton whiles he lived in Milton Keynes. When we met, he never told me he is now with my Mistress Mary-Tamar. We had a great moment together in a green park close to Milton Keynes. There was chemistry still between us I felt it. It was so strong and felt irresistible. My King Kofi kissed me on my lips and I felt he revived my lost passion for love. He apologized for kissing me several times which felt really awkward and then he left me at the bus stop. He never told me about his private life then.

I was curious to know more about him and the plan was to come on social media though I am not a social media person.

To my surprise, he had a beautiful family with my Mistress Mary. This came as a shock to me and I confronted him with a picture I saw of him with powder on his face with his family.
All he could text back after reading my message was: "I will call you in the morning"

To be continued...

I am Shulamite and its my pride.