Sunday, October 27, 2019

How I Met My Husband Part 2

It was Tuesday, I kept checking my phone for his ring. The day went by without a call or a message from him. I texted him in the evening and it took a while for him to check his whatsapp messages so I called him. My King Kofi Nino picked my call and said to me that he couldn't talk where he is and will call me back after a while.

He called me and started apologizing for the incident of the kiss in the park. I said to him that he had a beautiful family and good luck with everything but it wasn't necessary for the incident in the park.

I had given him my Barclays Bank account as he needed it to open his online shops since he had arrived in the UK and not through with his stay permit.

I felt very disappointed with everything which had happened because I hoped that maybe he is the one I was going to settle with. I almost requested my bank card back from him but something held me back.

My King Kofi sent me the song 'Imagine' by  John Lenon to listen to it. It sounded like he wanted something more than friendship but in my mind I knew he was already gone. I told him I can never be his side lady.

'Does your wife knows that you are using my details for your online business?' I asked him and his response was yes.

I asked him does she knows you kissed me, and he said stop asking me about my wife and family so I said, 'She is pretty enjoy your life.'

I lived my life and didn't hear from him unless he wanted me to do something with my card so he withdraws money from his online etsy shop or he wanted me to list things on his shop. I opened paypal for him. I got angry that he was using me for business, I checked online he was always enjoying life with his wife.

He sends me the selfie I took the day he took me to the park for a walk, when I looked at the selfie I never stopped thinking about Kofi.  Sometimes he borrowed money like £300 and said will pay you back, but he didn't pay it. I felt used but I kept letting him use my cards and sending him money, deep inside was doing everything just to make him happy. I even sent the money to his wives account, he said he needed it to top up for legal fees.Then I saw him living the life in hotels and got angry but I held back.

He asked me to come to BBE awards and I offered to cater for the event but he said just come and support. I saw Mary in person and I said to myself she is more beautiful in real life and a nice person.

Years later I read about him looking for a second wife so I send him a text to say I may consider it. He replied and I sent my money to be considered, then he inviteed me to his house to meet Mary Tamar. I was nervous but she was very nice and when I saw her, I fell to my knees it was a special moment. I said let me serve you because she looks like a Queen.

I was working long hours and lonely, but now I am working for my mistress and husband and my life is a lot better because I have a husband.

I have a Diploma in catering and hospitality, I used to work in hotels so its something I enjoy.  I dont feel like a slave or anything I am just doing my job but now I have a husband the man I love. Mary has 6 kids and wants to do other things in life so I offered my work to her. King Kofi was very happy with the arrangement, so that's how everything started. We had our families meet and they accepted our union because we are of the same tribe but my other relatives are not happy that I chose this lifestyle.

There are challenges, I have to adjust some things. King Kofi doesn't like wigs but I like wigs, but slowly am getting used to the idea of my natural hair.

In the end my happiness matters much to me. I lost a love one back in the day due to pressure from my family, why will I repeat this mistake again? If I cook and work with the concierge department for the hotels I worked for and get paid per hour, why cant I serve Mary Tamar and enjoy the king the grace of my king. The King's love is better than wine.       

I am Shulamite and its my pride.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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