Tuesday, October 29, 2019

My First Night With The King

I have been warmly welcomed to the royal household. I have enjoyed getting to spend time with all the children getting to know their names and what they love to do. The children are all very polite and well behaved. I was asked by Mary what I like to eat and we cooked together.For the first time it felt awkward having a realization that this is really happening.

My phone was off and my charger was not working, so when I told Mary she agreed to go to the shops and get me a new one. I was left in the kitchen doing the cooking and King Kofi joined me. It felt beautiful at the same time wierd. He hugged me and kissed my cheeks and told me this was my home so I should feel at home. I was shown my room and it was very warmly.

I went to take a shower, dinner was served.

This was the best part of the night my new family had composed a welcoming song for me. Nakai has the most beautiful voice and the boys singing in their operatic voice just like their dad. My heart was overjoyed and I fell really special.

We watched the TV with the older kids whiles Kofi was in the room. later Kofi put the young kids to bed so I did not see him all evening. Mary gave me a blanket and said I should relax and feel at home and pulled out the sofa bed and we sat together. When it was quite late and the older children had gone to bed, she gave me some nice white chocolate  she said she hide from the kids she said its her favorite to eat when the children are in bed she treats herself and watch coronation street. We watch Coronation street and Mary went to bed to join Kofi.  I felt awkward but I knew this is what I chose.  I decided to watch a movie. I fell asleep because I was so tired. Around 3am I heard footsteps to the lounge and it was my King. He held my hand lifted me up hugged me so tight and kissed me. He walked me to my bedroom and I shut the door.

It was a night to remember.

I am Shulamite and its my pride.

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